How to create best blog for earning money in 2024


How to create best blog for earning money in 2024

There are so many opportunities to work online today. One of the most important opportunities is blogging. In this article we learn How to create best blog for earning money. how do you create a blog and how to earn from it? Let’s find out now

Blogging is a great alternative to online earning. Through blogging, you can write about your favorite topics. After creating a blog, you can make money online by displaying Google AdSense ads and affiliate marketing. Let’s start then how to create best blog for earning mone

Create best blog for earning money

Millions of new blogs are being created every day today. If you want to survive in this competition and make money from blogging, you need to take care of the following while creating a blog. You will definitely succeed if you design your blog with all the following information and write in it regularly.

Choose your blogging niche for create best blog for earning money

Blogging niche is the topic of your blog. First of all, decide on the topic on which you are going to write an article. The topic of the blog is the most important factor. When choosing a topic, choose a topic that you are interested in, a topic that you know a little bit about. Because it makes it easier for you to find out more about the subject you are interested in. Also, you will not get bored while writing about it.

You should be able to write at least 30 to 50 articles on the chosen topic. You need to have information related to that topic. Information related to that topic should be searched on Google.

Choose your blogging Platform for create best blog for earning money

There are several platforms available today for you to start blogging, of which Blogger and WordPress are the two platforms.

Blogger is Google’s platform. On Blogger you can start your blog for free. Google does not charge for this. If you want to get started in Blogging and you don’t want to spend money, you can start with Blogger. Once you start earning, you can transfer your blog from Blogger to WordPress.

Another important platform for blogging is WordPress. To start a blog on WordPress you need to purchase hosting. In general, it can cost you three to four thousand rupees a year. A website built on WordPress is more attractive and offers many features, so it is likely to rank quickly. However, since this option is expensive, you can start from Blogger.

You can choose between Blogger and WordPress to start your blog.

Purchasing a domain

No matter which platform you choose for blogging, you need a domain name. Domain name is the unique ID of your blog. With this unique ID your website traffic comes. You can create a blog using Blogger’s subdomain when initially creating a blog on Blogger, but you need to purchase a domain to make your blog professional. Domain name related to the topic of this blog search on the website. You will get a domain for seven hundred to eight hundred rupees for one year.

Choosing a theme for a blog

Theme is the design of your blog. The theme depends on how your blog looks. You can choose Free and Paid Theme for your blog. Theme chosen for the blog should open immediately. All the things you need should be in the theme. Once the theme is fixed, complete the design of your blog. Choose a theme related to your topic.

Creating Pages for Blogs

We want to create some important pages for the blog. It is very important to have three pages in the blog, Contact us, Privacy Policy and About us.

Writing a Blog Post.

Start writing blog posts related to your topic. When writing a post, write the meaning in your own language. Write a post based on SEO criteria. Maintain regularity in writing posts. Blog Post is a very important part of your blog. The more readable, useful and self-written your articles are, the faster your blog can rank.

Apply for ADSENSE after posting on minimum 20 posts and traffic starts coming to the site. Earning will start from your blog after getting AdSense approval. You can use other options for earning.

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