Scholarship Exam Syllabus

Scholarship Exam Syllabus 

5th class English medium

                 The Maharashtra State Examination Council Pune is conducting scholarship exam for Class 5th and 8th. The examination is conducted in February. The examination syllabus is set by the council. Let's see the first language of English medium (English) syllabus.

first language (English) syllabus

English medium

                  In the scholarship examination, there are 50 marks for first language English. There are 25 questions on English language syllbus. Syllabus divided in 7 units.

1) Vocabulary

             This unit gave 16℅ weightage in English scholarship syllabus. It means there are 4 questions for 8 marks on vocabulary. Each question for 2 marks.
             There are 16 Sub units in vocabulary unit.                          WordformationHomophones, Prefix-Suffix, Antonyms, Synonyms, Compound words ,One word for many, Figurative words, Names of young ones, Professions, Jumbled spellings, Word puzzles, Arrange in alphabetical order , Words denoting different sounds, Singular and plurals ,Prepare- Short words from long words, Correctly spelt word.

2) Word Games

           There are 8℅ weightage for Word Games. It means 2 questions for 4 marks.and 4 subunits for study. This are Puzzles, Word Register, Related words,Match the words and pictures

3) Grammar

         On this unit there are 6 questions for 12 marks. Grammar has 24℅ weightage in syllabus. Grammar gave highest weightage in the syllabus.It has 3 sub-units. 1 part of speech, 2.Articals,. 3.Part of sentence subject, predicate, What Questions, Verbal Questions.

4) Language Study

    This unit gave 4% weightage in syllabus.It means 1 question for 2 marks.There are 10 Sub units.1.Punctuation marks , 2. Contracted forms 
3. Expanded forms , 4. Idioms and Phrases 
5. Proverbs, Slogans, Axioms, 6. Fallow instructions/ Road signs. 7.Phrases. 
8. Elements in story
9. Tenses :- Present, Past, Future. 10.Make meaningful sentences. 

5) Creative writing

         4 questions for 8 marks on Creative Writing. 1) News, stories, Pictures and cartoons, leaflet, 2. Paragraph writing, Stories, events, experiment,. 3. Auto-Boigraphy, of things. 4) Informal letter.

6) Reading skills

        Grammar and reading skills gave highest weightage in the syllabus.It gives 24% weightage.Sub-units are....
1) Descriptive/ Informative/ Narrative/ Imaginative passage. 
2) New items/ Advertisement/ Leaflet
3) Short skit/ Interview
4) Poem

7) Miscellaneous 

             This is last unit in English syllabus for 4 marks. And sub-units are
1.Numbers (cardinals and ordinals)
2.Non English words    3.Read maps
4.Charts  5.Stock expressions  6.Abbreviations 

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