Brain Development Scholarship Exam Result

Brain Development Scholarship Exam Result 2019

BDS Exam  result 2019

            Brain Development Scholarship Exam test is conducted in Maharashtra. This examination is conducted for 1st to 9 th students. The exam paper for out of 100 marks. In this exam included three subjects. It was mathematics, intelligence testing and science. There are 50 marks for mathematics and Intelligence Test and Science each for  25-25 marks. 
         The necessary books and practice test papers are provided by the organizers. The exams contain 100 questions. The answers to the questions are to be selected from the given options. All questions are Objectives. 
         The examination of this year took in January 20, 2019. The result of this exam is published. You can see the result on official website.
          How to see result of BDS Exam 

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